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Garth Callaghan

Napkin Notes Dad




Episode 19 - We Were Wrong

Thrive Podcast

Getting a cancer diagnosis isn’t a death sentence. Garth and Dara are here to teach you everything you need to move forward with your life, whatever challenges you’re facing.

Episode 19 - We Were Wrong

WGarth Callaghan

Have you ever been so sure of something? I mean really sure? 

This was us, before we took our daughters to college. 

You might have caught our podcast about transitions, and about how we mentioned we were taking our daughters to college. 

We talked about how SURE we were that we weren’t going to be sad. Because we are grateful and happy and all of that good stuff.

Guess what? 

We were so wrong. 

And, when we’re wrong about something on the THRIVE podcast, we admit it!

Check out this episode and listen to us swallow some serious humble pie! We share our experience, what it feels like to be so sad your heart hurts, and what to do about it.  

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