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Castle Point Court
Glen Allen, VA 23060


Garth Callaghan

Napkin Notes Dad





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Simple. Practical. Actionable.

 We believe it is our responsibility to create learning moments in the room so that the principles we teach can be applied immediately. 


Defining Success

Success for most cancer patients is simple: a cure. Whether that cure comes from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or one of the many cutting edge treatments out there, cancer patients define 'winning' as getting cured. 

But what happens when you can't be cured? How can you win? 

Garth shares how he takes a traditional definition of success and has to redefine it within the scope of his disease, and how he can manage to wake up each and every day knowing that his vision of success is very different from the rest of the world's. 




Inviting someone into an organization to share an idea is quite common. For 60 minutes the audience listens to an inspirational
message encouraging change within the organization and their life. After the keynote is over everyone is energized but only after a few days its business as usual - where did the inspiration go?
You are not the only one asking this question. 
Garth believes inspiration is paired best with the practical 'how to' using examples organizations can relate to. The audience will know what to do build relationships with the people around them when they leave because they will practice the words and actions in the room.  
Garth believes we are at our best when we are connected to the people around us - in his keynote he shares his Napkin Note story and the principles he has followed through out his career to connect to the people around him. 


Garth has been a patient of Accredo's since March 2014 when he started taking his Daily Chemo, Votrient. Garth spoke at the National Sales Event for Accredo in June 2017

In this interactive workshop Garth will teach you and your team how to build relationships and connect with each other. We take the values off the wall and make them actionable because when we feel connected and cared for we can do our best work. 
Humans need to be connected to the people around them. In this workshop we guide you in discovering ways to build meaningful relationships to make a shift in the environment - from doing to being people driven.  

Based upon the science that we can rewire our brains, along with practical examples in real organizations, this workshop lays out the framework for:

  • Becoming a people driven organization.

  • Developing simple and actionable tools to live the values of the organization. 

  • Applying the process to your organization and develop action steps to start the change.

Duration: 90 minutes

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