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This is why I want I want my data to be leaked!

WGarth Callaghan

Let's file this under, "Well, isn't that special?!?" 

One of my oncologists has left his practice. He will no longer be affiliated with Bon Secours. I was aware of this but received a confirmation letter from Bon Secours today. 

Finding a new oncologist is like dating someone new, except without any of the fun. There's a lot of get-togethers, questions, tears, testing the waters, and deliberation. It will take a tremendous amount of my energy to accomplish this highly necessary task. 

Bon Secours was also gracious enough to inform me of the following: 

Under Virginia law, your medical records are the property of Bon Secours Cancer Institute Surgical Oncology where they will be securely maintained. You may obtain a copy of your medical record by completing the attached medical record authorization form and returning it to Bon Secours Cancer Institute Surgical Oncology. Please note that there is a ten dollar ($10) processing fee in addition to copy costs of no more than fifty cents/page. A request for copies of medical records must be made in writing, dated and signed by you or your legal guardian or representative. Bon Secours will accept a facsimile or other copy of the original authorization signed by you or the responsible legal guardian or representative. 

Let me get this straight! Under VA law, my medical records are the property of the hospital. Not only do I have to go through the pain of finding a new oncologist, but I'd have to pay a sizable fee to get a copy of my records. 

For the record, I don't have a large file there. However, all of my oncology records total 183 pages, so far. If they were housed at Bon Secours, I'd pay a whopping $101.50 to get a copy so that I could have the pleasure of schlepping it around from doctor to doctor as I search out a new team. 

When I spoke at the Forbes Medical Conference last month, I made a statement that rocked the audience, at least based on the number of tweets that followed. 

"I want my #data to be leaked. I want to share it & have it be everywhere." 

Thank you, Thomas H. Auer, for your kindness and consideration. Fighting cancer is really an easy job, and dealing with more crap like this is just wonderful. 

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