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Running Revisited

WGarth Callaghan

I had the honor of speaking to the Richmond 10k Coaches Team last weekend. I shared my hate/hate relationship with running. As I looked around the room, I couldn't help but admire them. Their job is to motivate and inspire their running groups to develop the discipline to practice well enough to finish the 10k. 

I haven't run in quite some time, and I'm not sure if I have it in me to do it under my current circumstances. Heck, there are times I have to rest while walking up a single flight of stairs.  

I was completely surprised when they gave me a coach's jacket and made me an honorary coach!  

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to put on my running shoes and head to Shady Grove YMCA for the 9 o'clock training session. It's the "Walkers" training group.  

You've got to start somewhere.

The most important thing is to actually start.  

Anyone want to join me?  

Garth runs the 10k in 2004

Garth runs the 10k in 2004