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Tune Out The Noise. Be At Peace.


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Tune Out The Noise. Be At Peace.

WGarth Callaghan

Napkin Note Classic: Tune out the noise. 

This is a particularly appropriate message today, now.  If you're reading this at 7:15 PM EST, I am currently sitting in the waiting room, waiting to pop in to an MRI machine.  It'll loud in there, but that's ok.  I need to be in this machine for a little bit, and I will be tuning out the noise.  I will be praying and listening to soft music.  I will attempt to be at peace.  

I didn't update you from the final CT results, and I apologize.  I needed some time to process them, especially since I had an initial "all clear" on the day of my CT.  

It turns out there are two "vague" areas on my scans.  One I am not worried about at all.  It's been there in each scan, it is unchanged, and an earlier MRI revealed it to be a clump of blood vessels.  

The other "vague" area is concerning to me. It wasn't there three months ago. It's on my remaining adrenal gland. I absolutely hate the word vague.  It's hard to fight vague.  It's nearly impossible to see vague. I am not a doctor, nor do I profess to have extensive and advanced medical knowledge, but I know kidney cancer.  I have been reading about it for 2 1/2 years.  I have ready every possible article, even the cockamamie ones.  I know my charts by heart.  

Vague/new/other side = concerning.  I am not worried. I am concerned.  I can't wait for the results. 

I promise I won't keep you waiting, either.  

Pack. Write. Connect.