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My Newest, Favorite App & the Top 5

WGarth Callaghan

I am an avid reader.  I buy books that I like to read over and over, and I use the library for one-time reads.  I used to travel some in a past career, and would typically stop in the airport bookstore and purchase a book to read while flying.  One time, while reading a Star Wars novel, everything seemed familiar to me and it wasn't due to my unhealthy fascination with Lightsabers.  I had already purchased and read the book during a previous business trip!  My newest app purchase will make sure that I never do that again!  It gets added to my Top 5 Favorite Apps. 

1) iBookshelf (iTunes Link) $1.99 - This app works on both the small screen and the large.  It's a fantastic database for your library, and will allow you to scan the barcode of your books and add those titles automatically for you! You can track loans to others & books that you want to read.  If you use this app, you'll never purchase the same book twice again! Best of all, you will have this app with you on your phone when you go to the bookstore!

2) Flow (iTunes Link) Free Trial then $9.99/month - A great task/project management app for the iPhone.  You can manage your Projects, next actions, lists, ToDo's and anything you want in a GTD fasion.  You can even delegate tasks to non-Flow users!

3) Pandora (iTunes Link) Free - Pandora has long been a staple for me.  I have quite an extensive music library, but I find myself listening to the same music over and over again.  Pandora allows me to expand my listening library based on music that I already like.  You can also use Pandora on PCs, TiVos, and many other devices.  Click for more details. 

4) Photosynth (iTunes Link) Free - Microsoft has really outdone themselves with this iOS app.  Photosynth allows you to "stitch" together photos and make a panorama of your surroundings.  This is a must have app for anyone who takes pictures. 

5) MyWi 4.0 (Jailbreak App) $20 - If you ever have a need to have mobile internet access for your laptop, MyWi is the way to go.  Data is Data.  Your cellular carrier should not have the right to tell you how to use your data plan.  After all, you are paying them, aren't you?  MyWi will allow you to set up a mobile hotspot so that you can use your phone's data stream and get internet access to your laptop or other portable device.  You must have a jailbroken iPhone in order to use this.  It's not for the faint of heart. 


What fell out of my Top 5?  iBookshelf replaced Netflix (iTunes Link).  I found that I wasn't using Netflix enough to justify it being in my Top 5.  I still love the product, but I'd rather read! 

What are your favorite apps?