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Backup Friday

WGarth Callaghan

I'd like to share a recent conversation that I had with my sister.  Her laptop crashed this week.  It's a four year old laptop and has served her well.  The crash was severe enough that I couldn't really help her our remotely.  She decided very quickly to replace it, and of course I asked, 


"Is there data to save?" - Garth

"Isn't there always?" - Colleen

"No. Not always.  Some people have backups!" - Garth

"Yeah, well we're not some people." - Colleen

<Inward groan> "Maybe this time" - Garth


There are any number of great ways to backup your data so that you don't lose your pictures, music, videos, and files.  People used to have shoeboxes of pictures in the backs of closets.  They were always at risk with a fire or flood.  

You can back up your entire data collection for around $55 per year with Carbonite or BackBlaze.  Aren't your family pictures worth it?