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Even dirtier IT jobs

WGarth Callaghan

I was interviewed for an article on InfoWorld recently. Technology Moves (PC Disconnect/Reconnect) is the #7 Dirtiest IT Job in America! Here are two excerpts:

"Disconnect machines from one site, reconnect them at another. It sounded so simple Garth Callaghan couldn't quite believe someone would pay his company, 127tech, to do it. Now he employs three full-time employees and 30 contractors, who spend half their time unplugging and replugging machines for commercial movers in Richmond, VA.

But don't think they don't earn their money."

"Occupational hazards include dust bunnies the size of basketballs, displays coated in soot, keyboards with enough food lodged in them to feed a small third-world country or, in one recent case, caked with a viscous layer of cosmetics."

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