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Blast Text (SMS) Messages

WGarth Callaghan

Do you ever need to send a 'blast' Text SMS to employees or friends? It's easy to do!

1) Set up new contacts in your email program with the contact name and cell phone number/email. The cellphone number/email is detailed in Step 3. I add SMS to the person's name so that it's easy to differentiate between contacts. For example, Garth Callaghan becomes Garth CallaghanSMS.

2) Create a group list including all of your contacts that you'd blast at the same time. Name the group list something easily identifiable like SoftballTeam or KeyEmployees.

3) Cell Phone Number/Email is as easy as using the following equations:

Alltel: phonenumber


BoostMobile: phonenumber




Virgin Mobile:

where phonenumber = the 10 digit phone mobile number

4) You will have to ask your contact which carrier they use in order to complete this exercise.

5) Remember to limit your email SMS 140 characters or less. Practice brevity!

6) You should always confirm that it is ok to do this with your contacts. If they don't have a SMS plan, you will cost them money with each message. Picking up the phone and contacting them is always an option!

Happy Texting!