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Top 10 Items That Will Improve Your Laptop Experience

WGarth Callaghan

A laptop provides additional conveniences than a desktop, but you do lose some functionality in order to gain portability. Since laptop purchases have clearly overtaken desktop purchases, consumers have some additional purchase considerations they should think about in order to fully utilize their laptop.

1. Universal Power Supply: It's a good idea to have an extra power supply so that you can be mobile and still have one tangled, I mean, bundled up in your office. If you spend a few extra dollars, your Universal Power Supply will power your laptop in your car and in some airplanes, as well as charge your mobile phone, Gameboy and more! Check out the Kensington Universal Wall/Auto/Air

2. Privacy Screen: Are you tired of the guy in seat 2C peering at your screen? Do you have to protect client data? What about your own data? If you are on the go, you need a 3M Privacy Filter. A 3M Privacy Filter blocks your laptop screen from prying eyes and keeps your data safe!
3M Solutions

3. Wireless Portable Mouse: Mousing on a 3" x 2" trackpad is fine in a pinch, but if you work on your laptop for a long time, you'll get finger cramps. Try the new Microsoft Arc Mouse. It's a radical new design that blends the portability of a laptop mouse with the full functionality of a desktop mouse.

4. Carry Case: Even if your laptop is only 4 pounds, that is a lot extra to lug around when you are carrying paperwork and laptop accessories. You can minimize back stress with the Kensington Contour Case Line. You can choose from a backpack, standard case, or for the best stress relief, the Roller Case! If you travel a lot, be sure to look at the Overnight Case which will transport your laptop and a change of clothes!

5. USB Number Pad: Do you have to type a lot of numbers? If so, you really need to use a USB Number Pad. This product will allow you to quickly perform number entry on your laptop. You can find good models manufactured by Kensington and Targus.

6. Lap Protection (Lapdesk): Laptops were never meant to actually be used on your lap! If they were, they wouldn't be so darned hot. Protect yourself by using a Lapdesk which keeps the heat from the laptop from burning you. Check out the models from Belkin or Targus.

7. Docking Station: After you finish up your time in the coffeehouse, it's easy to be able to click your laptop into a docking station at your office and just start working. You don't need to reconnect all of your cables as long as you have a docking station. Not all laptops have dedicated docking stations available, but you can use a generic station by Kensington. This product allows you to quickly plug in one cable and your power supply so that you can get back to work right away.

8. Lock: You can't enjoy your laptop if it has been stolen! Most laptops produced since 2000 have a special hole in the laptop that is a Kensington Security Slot. Use this both in your office and in public spaces, like the library or Starbucks. Kensington Laptop Locks

9. Laptop Stand: If you are not using a 'full-sized' monitor at your desk, a Laptop Stand is a good alternative. A Laptop stand will elevate your laptop screen to a more manageable height and help eliminate neck strain. Check out the Allsop Laptop Stands that can help you do that.

10. Portable Backup: Since laptops are portable, they do have a greater risk of being dropped than the average desktop PC. If you do drop your laptop, you will want to have made sure that you have a good backup plan. iDrive Portable is a unique solution which can backup your data to a portable hard drive and to an online account. This gives you a dual backup which is doubly safe!

11. BONUS - Wireless Printer: Your main goal with any laptop is mobile freedom. You can purchase a good quality wireless printer for about $150. Using this, you can print from anywhere in your home/office without having to go back to your desk and plug in. Just don't forget that you have printed something and leave it sitting there when you go to your important appointment!