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WGarth Callaghan

127tech posts Daily Tech Tips each day via Twitter & Facebook. The tips arrive at 9:00 AM. They are 140 characters or less with a focus on how you can remove one small stress related to your computer.

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2/15/09 - Even we need a day off. Google Picasa - The easy way to find, edit, and share your photos

2/14/09 - Happy St. Valentine's Day! Send your sweetie a Conversation Heart on her PC or mobile phone -

2/13/09 - Once again, it's Backup Friday. We'll keep doing this until all of your data is safe. Protect Your Digital Life

2/12/09 - You can skip typing the www & .com when internet surfing if you type CTRL ENTER after you type the site name. Nice shortcut!

2/11/09 - Passwords need to be remembered but difficult to guess. Pick something easy, like a pattern on the keyboard like zxccft6678

2/10/09 - Why use Comcast/Verizon as your email? When you cancel, you lose the account! GMail, Yahoo, etc might be better choices