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Garth Callaghan

Napkin Notes Dad




Episode 11 - Living Life On Your Own Terms

Thrive Podcast

Getting a cancer diagnosis isn’t a death sentence. Garth and Dara are here to teach you everything you need to move forward with your life, whatever challenges you’re facing.

Episode 11 - Living Life On Your Own Terms

WGarth Callaghan

Are you living life on your own terms? Do you wake up each day, excited to move forward with your day, happy about the way you’re spending your time?

In this episode, Garth and Dara talk about how they navigate their lives, making sure they make time to do things that bring them happiness and joy. 

They share how going through cancer helped them clearly see what’s important to each of them. Learn from them, and then take this 

knowledge and use it in your own life, making sure the way you live your life reflects your priorities. 


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