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*** RESULTS ***

A successful Dr visit. Although I don't have the copy of my scans in hand, the Dr told us that there is no change. That's a good thing.

We discussed the fact that this treatment doesn't "cure" cancer (but it sure has worked wonders in my body!!) and that we need to make sure that there are plans b, c, d, etc. There are many new drugs that are potentially available to fight metastatic kidney cancer.

I was referred to a nutritionist for some dietary counseling. My Dr and wife are conspiring to make me eat!! Admittedly, I have continued to shed weight. I am not consuming enough nutrients and fuel. (I've lost 8 pounds since my last visit, about 45 since I started treatment.) The nutritionist gave us some great tips on how to avoid nauseating smells and get more bites of food into my body.

We also discussed side effects and how difficult it was to manage them. I don't think we have a good solution. I honestly don't think there is a good solution at this point. However, if they get severe enough, I have permission to take a short break from treatment to try and reset things.

Overall, we're in a good place medically. I'd love to be able to say that I am coming off of treatment, but realistically, that's not in the cards. Not now. Probably not until it stops working, then we have other things to be thinking about anyway.

Thank you all for walking with us on this journey. We are grateful for each and every person lifting us up!