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Bucket List Item #32

WGarth Callaghan

Good morning! I have never been a morning person, but there is something about a hot cup of coffee, a blanket, the sofa, and the dark that stimulates my creative side. I'm finishing up my first draft for my TEDxRVA talk. It's in 10 days. I was asked to participate last Monday.

Last week, I had entered a contest to win a ticket. I'm not in a financial position to buy one, but I certainly could try and win one.

I did win. Boy, did that contest change my life.

This is the email that I received from TEDxRVA: "Congratulations on winning the ticket to TEDxRVA through Twitter.

To be honest, we've been following your story and we'd be more interested in having you on stage to give a Talk than sitting in our audience. We know you have some interesting ideas worth spreading of course!"

I was filled with joy! I am still filled with joy! My mind hasn't stopped thinking about what to say and how to say it.

I've expressed this before. I'll continue to feel this way. Thank you for walking with me on this journey.