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At least I cleaned up ...

WGarth Callaghan

I do my best to find silver linings with my current health situation. I really do. I recently had a friend tell me, "You've certainly figured out the secret to making lemonade from lemons and I'm very very happy for you. You are proof of what a positive outlook can do in life." I took that as a high compliment. I make the best lemonade I can imagine. (Note to self - I should launch a lemonade brand and donate the proceeds to cancer-based charities. I'll add that to my future projects list!)

I have been battling nausea for the past two weeks. It has been incredibly difficult at times and I have found food very distasteful. It's a little funny because if I have food in my stomach, I am usually less nauseated, but I don't have any desire to eat.

I was chatting casually with a co-worker about a week ago and jokingly said to him, "I need to go get a drink before I throw up." I needed to get something into my stomach as a wave of nausea was setting in. I walked the 100 steps to the break room and before I even had a chance to get my drink out of the refrigerator, I did.

I. Threw. Up.

A lot. 

At work! 

In the break room! 


How embarrassing! 

I broke out into that cold sweat you get while vomiting. My dress shirt was sticking to me and I just stood there, leaning over the trash can. 

Here's my silver lining. 

1) I learned where the trash dumpster is. Of course, I cleaned up and took out the trash. I had no idea where the building trash dumpster was located. I asked someone and was able to walk directly to it. We have a fire drill planned next week and our meeting place is the trash dumpster. Now I know where to go!! 

2) I have had a slightly misaligned rib and it's bothered me for a couple of months. I have been visiting a chiropractor, doing exercises and managing the pain as best I can. It was close to being fixed, but the violent act of vomiting popped it right back into place and I haven't had a bit of pain since!

That's how you make lemonade!

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