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Napkin Note: Stop the Presses Edition!

WGarth Callaghan

As you know, I have been writing Napkin Notes to my daughter, Emma, for years. I started to post these notes in Facebook and Twitter about a year ago as a way to inspire other parents. The Facebook Napkin Notes page was created in August 2013 as a central place for parents to go for daily inspiration. I have received many supportive messages via email and Facebook postings.  Many parents have posted pictures of the notes they have written.  I even received a Napkin Note in the mail from one of my nurses. 

Today marks the first time that my daughter wrote a Napkin Note for me and secretly put it into my lunchbox.  I walked into work this morning and opened the lunchbox to pull out my oatmeal. I saw a paper towel next to my food.  I was sure that I didn’t put anything like that in there.

I opened the paper towel and saw a note:

If my friends really did jump off a cliff, it’s because it was my idea. Sincerely, your daughter is a leader, not a follower.

PS. I think you used all the napkins <3

I think that I may just be on to something here!

Pack. Write. Connect.


Emma's Napkin Note to Dad

Emma's Napkin Note to Dad