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Garth Callaghan

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Faces of 2013: Garth Callaghan


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Faces of 2013: Garth Callaghan

WGarth Callaghan

WHY YOU KNOW HIM: Garth Callaghan touched hearts far and wide this year when he began publicly sharing on Facebook the lunch notes that he writes for his teen daughter, Emma. He’s been writing notes to pack in her lunches nearly every day since she started kindergarten. As she’s grown — she’s now 14 — the contents of the notes have matured with her. One day’s note might be an inspirational saying from a famous person, while the next day it’s a short but personal note straight from his heart.

UPDATE: For this Henrico County dad, the responses from encouraging well-wishers have only motivated him to continue writing and connecting with Emma. Callaghan said he’s been overwhelmed by the number of messages he’s gotten from parents who’ve committed to writing notes for their children.

He shared some of those responses recently, including a note he received in the mail.

The note read, in part: “Thought you should receive a napkin note …Thank you for your story and the lives you are touching. Keep up the good work!”

It ended with this: “Triumph – umph added to try.”

Another parent wrote to him that she began sending notes with her daughter’s lunch and that she received this note back from the girl: “Love the notes, makes my day!!” The writer went on to say that the notes have brought her closer to her daughter.

Callaghan said he read recently about a movement started by a nonprofit called “because I said I would,” which hopes to bring about positive change through the simple acts of kindness, such as “promise cards” that remind people about the importance of being committed to their goals.

“It inspired me to write out napkin notes for Emma to have one each day through the end of 12th grade,” Callaghan said.

Holly Prestidge

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