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Garth Callaghan

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WGarth Callaghan

Only one person in the house stirs this early in the morning. It’s dark still, and there is a chill on the kitchen floor as Garth walks to fetch his first cup of coffee. The warmth from the mug eases the morning routine. He opens the refrigerator to gather the food for lunch. There is fresh fruit from the crisper and some homemade strawberry jam in a jar. The fruit is washed and cut, and the jam is spread on bread with peanut butter. Fresh water is a must. Lunch wouldn’t be complete without a little treat. “Should I toss in a cookie?” he thinks to himself. Garth decides that a small cookie won’t harm anyone.  Lunch is always made and packed with love.  Many people would consider this lunch complete, but not Garth. 

The moment of truth comes.  Garth has always experienced a two-second fear of an empty napkin.  He grabs his pen, the same pen he’s used for years to write countless Napkin Notes for his daughter, Emma, and he sips some coffee as he contemplates the emptiness of white napkins.  Garth thinks to himself, “Is there something special going on today at school?” He doesn’t know of anything.  He pours a second cup of coffee and begins to write…

“Don’t forget to be AWESOME!  You are one of the most incredible kids I know and I am so proud of you.”

That is a good message for the day.  Garth smiles to himself and hopes this message has a great impact. 

He pulls a second napkin and writes, “Do more of what makes you awesome!  I love you!” He loves using the word “awesome” as much as he can on his Napkin Notes. 

He hears feet bounding down the stairs as he finishes folding the napkins.  “Whatcha doing, grandpa?” “Oh, just finishing up your lunch.  I made one for your brother, too.  I am really glad to be here for your first day of school this year.  Are you excited?”  “Yeah, I think that middle school will be a lot of fun.  I am ready for the big leagues now!”, she joked.   Grandpa Garth hands each of his grandchildren a lunch and gives them a kiss good-bye.  Emma smiles at him and says, “I’ll be back in a few minutes, dad.” She kisses him on the cheek and drives her kids to school.