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The Top 5 Electronics That You Need to Recycle

WGarth Callaghan

Electronics continue to get cheaper to purchase.  Would you have even thought that you could purchase a 32" LCD for $299 five years ago?  I remember being excited about a 32" TV that was only $1299 back then!

As electronics get cheaper, it becomes less viable to repair them.  Let's face it, you use a repair need as an excuse to purchase a new gadget, too.  What happens to your old cell phones, TVs, and even iPads when you are "finished" with them?  Most sit unused somewhere in your home or office. Here are the top 5 "old" items that sit around, unused and unloved.


1) Cell Phones - It seems as if everyone has an old cell phone somewhere.  Why are you saving it?  Can you really use your 2001 phone today anyway?  I'm sure that the battery is dead by now.  

2) TVs - Behemoth tube televisions litter garages and spare bedrooms across the country.  Once digital video transissions bebame the norm, many TVs sit around unwatched.  Maybe that's not a bad thing!

3)Telephones - What happened to your old cordless phones once the battery stopped working?  Are they in the attic?  Did you throw it out?

4)VCRs and DVD Players - As VCRs broke down, they were quickly replaced with DVD players.  DVD players were replaced by Blu-Ray with equal speed.  Ironic, isn't it?

5) iPads - Yes, iPads!  I am sure that they aren't sitting around unused, but many iPad 1 owners have already upgraded to iPad 2's.  Where is that old iPad, anyway? 


What can you do with your old stuff?  Please don't throw it away.  Electronics have hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and polychlorobiphenyls (PCBs). 

1) Local Recycle - Most local municipalities hold "Recycling Days" and you can drop off your old gadgets in order to have them taken care of.  There is sometimes a fee. 

2) Donate - Does your church need a TV for the nursury? There are many charitable organizations which will use your old cell phone, too!

3) Business Recycle - There are many great recycling companies out there.  Some will even come to your place of business to pick up your gadgets!  Computer Recycling of VA also has local drop off locations. 

4) Reuse - Find a place that will purchase your old gadgets.  Gazelle will do that for you.  Also, 127TECH is now in the business of purchasing your old Apple devices, laptops, monitors and desktops! 


If you have old gadgets, just send us an email and we'll provide a quote right away!