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Garth Callaghan

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Tech Tip Summary

WGarth Callaghan

3/1/09 -No Daily Tech Tip. Have you heard about ? It's Google's Philanthropic arm.

2/28/09 - To minimize all windows at once, press the WINDOWS KEY+M. To maximize them all again, press the WINDOWS KEY+SHIFT+M

2/27/09 - It's Backup Friday again! Save Early. Save Often. Backup Always. Check out

2/26/09 - Check out Google Toolbar 6 for IE and Firefox! It can make your search much easier!

2/25/09 - Convert a PDF to .DOC without having to pay $300 for Adobe Acrobat. (Private Beta requires sign up)

2/24/09 - Top 10 Tuesday! Here are the Top 10 Items That Will Improve Your Laptop Experience 127tech Blog Post

2/23/09 -
Blackberry Users-Need to dial letters on your Blackberry (ie 877-MADMAIN) Just use letters & the phone will figure it out