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Daily Tech Tips

WGarth Callaghan

127tech posts Daily Tech Tips each day via Twitter & Facebook. The tips will arrive at 9:00 AM. They are 140 characters or less with a focus on how you can remove one small stress related to your computer.

Would you like to receive these daily via email? Would you prefer them posted in the blog? How do you want to see them?

If you have a question that needs answers, email us and we'll include it as soon as we can figure out how to help you!

Here are the last 10 Daily Tech Tips:

2/9/09 - Busy? Check out Remember the Milk, a great To Do list. Works with Google, iPhone, BlackBerry & More

2/8/09 - No Daily Tech Tip. Even we need a day off. Check out these Google Tips until we're back tomorrow.

2/7/09 - If the inside of your PC looks like this pic, you really need to buy some canned air :)

2/6/09 - It's Backup Friday! Have you seen the pattern? Backup your data today! Carbonite, iBackup, there are many to choose from.

2/5/09 - Don't download every application under the sun. Do you really need weatherbug? Look outside let your PC do real work.

2/4/09 - Want to send a text msg from your PC via email? All carriers allow that. Verizon's formula is

2/3/09 - Firefox is a great browser. Don't be afraid to experiment. You can always go back to Microsoft

2/2/09 - Need to jazz up your photos or scrapbooks? Try BeFunky, a free webservice that cartoonizes your pictures.

2/1/09 - Move between tabs in Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome by using CTRL-Tab. Special Thanks to Karen H for asking!

1/31/09 - Control your email and reduce your stress. It is just a tool, after all. GTD email with this free article