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Google Business Apps Interview

WGarth Callaghan

I was interviewed a few weeks ago regarding Google Business Apps. I feel that they are a very viable alternative to Microsoft Office, and have some great functionality for small or mobile businesses.

Here's my quote:
"Google Apps’ collaborative capabilities allow multiple employees in different locations to simultaneously view data, a key requirement for 127tech, a tech support company with three full-time employees and 30 contractors. “We share a good portion of our data with outside partners, clients and others, and Docs allows us to do that,” said Garth Callaghan, the company’s owner. “We all have portable data devices, so we can access data using our mobile connections.”

He touts Apps’ “great integration” with the iPhone and its “phenomenal” calendaring features. “For me to be able to find out at a glance where all of my technicians are and what their schedules are, that’s really valuable,” he said."

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The article was published in IT Business Edge.

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