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Brain MRI Update - What's B01 Doing?


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Brain MRI Update - What's B01 Doing?

WGarth Callaghan

brain tumor update Aug 2019.png

In layman's terms, the tumor/growth/lesion is 'inactive', which means it is still there, but it's not growing or spreading. This is what we expected and wanted. It's ok if it's there as long as it's not invading my brain more. That's a really weird thought.

The medical report shows: 3 mm left occipital metastasis is not significantly changed in size (series 6, image 75). Adjacent white matter edema has improved. No new intracranial enhancement.

I was looking at the image and thinking about B01. I made fun of the name earlier this year and then I realized it's just a naming convention. B01 is my first tumor in my brain.

I never want to meet B02, right?!?

Kidney cancer metastases to the brain are problematic and pervasive. We asked the doctor about spacing out the MRI schedule. It wasn’t recommended and we’re sticking to a 3 month cycle.

Still, this is good news overall! My chest and abdomen CTs show similar results and after a full year of immunotherapy we are happy to be in the 30% success rate side. Yes, this treatment doesn’t work 70% of the time.

Thank you for your support and kindness during these last 8 years. We have 1 more year of treatment and then we can start to think about my body peacefully coexisting with cancer.