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A Plan for Busy Parents

WGarth Callaghan

Do you have a shoebox or laundry basket of printed photos in the back of the closet? How many full memory cards are sitting in a drawer with countless unseen pictures? Busy parents have good intentions but no real time to create a scrapbook. Memories are boing stored in areas that they may never be seen again.

I saw a Google Chrome video recently which gave me some great ideas for busy parents. Click here to take a look: Dear Sophie Lee


How can you start something like this?

1) I'd recommend setting up a Gmail or Google App account. You can set up a simple Gmail account for free with an email address like "" or if you want to be more advanced, set up a Google App account. My family uses Google Apps Standard which is a free service. Our domain is so that we can use a personalized email address. We do have to pay around $10 to GoDaddy in order to retain the domain.

2) Another great option is a Tumblr account. You can create a private account and upload videos, photos, audio, and more!

3) Start posting! Take a minute each day to post. You can upload a picture from your phone or send a love letter to your child while standing in line at the bank.