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Tech Tip Summary

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3/15/09 - Sunday - No Daily Tech Tip. Check out a great a School for Autism in our city:

3/14/09 - FREE! Open Office is a great alternative to Microsoft Office and is Free! Learn more:

3/13/09 - Backup Friday - Can you think of a better day than Friday the 13th to start thinking about your backup solution?

3/12/09 - Google is now changing how we use phones! Stay tuned for a major disruption called Google Voice:

3/11/09 - Do you want a program to automatically run when you start your PC? Just drag its icon to your All Programs>Startup folder.

3/10/09 -
Top 5 Tuesday! Top 5 Ways to Save Money Using Your PC 127tech Blogpost

3/9/09 -
Monday Fun! Check out Write On It to create fun pictures See some that I made

3/8/09 -
Sunday - No Daily Tech Tip. Check out the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

3/7/09 -
Set Your Clocks ahead tonight. I know this isn't much of a tech tip, but it needs to be done for Daylight Saving Time.

3/6/09 -
Basic Backup descriptions. Great starting point for small business or home office users 127tech Blog Post

3/5/09 -
5 Steps To Take Before Your PC Crashes - Blog Post

3/4/09 -
Do you have hundreds or thousands of files? Can you find them? Try Google Desktop to find things quickly

3/3/09 -
Top 10 Tuesday! Check out my Top 10 Outlook Tips

3/2/09 -
A Skype Subscription account to make conference calls with up to 24 people. It's only $3/month & could replace your landline