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PS3 Quest

WGarth Callaghan

October 26, 2000 - Sony Launches PS2

I was lucky enough to have 'access' to a PS2 to purchase on launch day, and I didn't even have to stand in line! I was employed by a major consumer electronics retailer, and they made a limited number of PS2 units available to executives 'in house.' They would be able to purchase the game systems in the luxury of their corner offices, and become the heroes of their families without even resorting to buying a PS2 on eBay! The head of my department had access to one of these coveted units, and really didn't want it. He graciously allowed me to purchase it in his place.

I couldn't thank him enough, as he saved me from standing in line for hours on end. However, I drove by the local stores in the area on the evening before the launch and the people waiting in line seemed to be having a good time! They were playing games, listening to music, eating, drinking, and full of merriment! Not one person seem to be concerned about the multi-hour wait ahead of them.

Did I miss out on a big part of the PS2 experience?

March 24, 2005 - Sony Launches PSP

I resolve to partake in the entire experience with this game launch and wait in line. Plus, at that point in time, I am no longer an employee with that major retailer and I don't have inside access to a secret stash of launch games! I make big plans to get up early and go to my local Circuit City and get in line. I really didn't think that I needed to go the night before. After all, it was March, and even in Richmond, VA, the weather was a bit too cold to wait out in line all night.

My big plans are foiled on the afternoon of the 23rd. I have a meeting scheduled late in the morning on the 24th, and the meeting gets rescheduled to 8 AM, just when I should be standing in line! My disappointment shows through the entire meeting. I can't believe that I am not only missing my chance to experience the fun filled wait, but I will not be able to purchase a PSP!

The meeting ends around 9:30, and I decide to make my way over to the Circuit City store and count the people in line. I don't really have any hope of making the cut, but the store is less than a one minute from where the meeting was. As I pull into the parking lot, I see the sign hanging on the door, "Line Starts Here." Where is the line of people? Curses! The store must have let them in early! I park my car and resolve to be a good sport to those that waited and were able to purchase the coveted PSP. As I approach the store, the automatic doors don't open. Could it be?? The store hasn't opened, and I am first in line!!

I stood in line, by myself, for about 15 minutes before the store opened to allow me to purchase the PSP. I was the first and only person in line. It was not quite the experience that I was expecting.

November 2006 - PS3 Pre-Launch Preparation

I am really hoping to have some fun with this launch. I still have no inside contacts to allow me to purchase a PS2 in the convenience of my office, and since I run my own company now, I am not scheduling ANY meetings this Thursday.

Last week, I decided to ask my Lead Tech, Jason Cuttier, if he'd be willing to stand in line with me. At least there will be two of us! We have a pretty good plan, too. We're going to take one of the PS3's that we buy and auction it off, donating the proceeds to a local charity, Children's Inc. We're even going to match the proceeds! We might be donating $1500!

Lucky for us, our Circuit City will be opening at midnight to sell us our PS3's.

We're going to post frequently this week, and most likely ever hour on the day leading up to the big event! We have a lot of fun planned for that day, so check back and see what we're up to!